Plastic Fabrications & GRP Specialists

A1Fabs has the ability to install numerous fabrications on customer sites including tanks, ducting, scrubbers. We can also be contracted to disassemble, remove and dispose of redundant plant.

On-site Installation

In addition, we have the expertise and know-how to offer fabrication from more specialist materials using our experienced and certificated staff, including:

  • ECTFE - Ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene

  • PVDF - Polyvinylidene Fluoride

  • ABS - Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene

  • PolyCarbonate

  • CPVC - Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride

Depending on your specific requirements we can fabricate from a wide range of common plastic and composite materials including : 

  • PVC - Poly Vinyl Chloride

  • UPVC - Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride

  • PPVC - Plasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride

  • PP - Poly Propylene

  • HDPE - High-density polyethylene

  • GRP - Glass Reinforced Plastic

Our range of vessels includes filters, scrubbers, chemical tanks, silos, and all types of plastic and glass fibre reinforced tank piping and ducting. We can also handle special commissions for the construction of one-off bespoke items.All our products are light for ease of transport and installation on site. Construction is almost entirely from plastic materials giving excellent corrosion resistance, and minimal maintenance.