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I called on A1Fabs to assist in the installation of the bio-filtration system for my new koi pond. One of my best decisions –ever. Not only did they complete that task promptly and efficiently, but as the project progressed I came to realise that Chris Barton (MD/CEO/Main Brain?) knows more about high-end pond construction than anyone else I have ever met – in 25 years of fish-keeping.
With the knowledge came the application. Fibre-glassing? Routine, and very competitively priced. Bio-Chamber filtration – no problem at all. I also wished to install a pair of “infinity” windows. “We can do that”. And they did. (These windows are laminated, heat-proofed, armoured and 26.5 mm thick. They weigh a lot. No problem there, either! I needed a competent electrician. “I’ll have a word with Tony”.
​And so on.
Having visited the workshop, I can say that if you want competent professional advice on any plastics fabrication issues, you could do no better.

by David Morgan
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